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On Monday May 30, 2022 I posted in the Secret discord seeking assistance to transfer my SCRT tokens off of the Terra Classic chain. Wormhole / Terra Bridge / IBC transfers had been shut down following Terra collapse. On Sunday evening May 30, 2022, I was contacted by an individual on the Discord server under the name Jenny_Sen. Our conversation history has since been deleted, but she stated that she was from Secret support and would be able to assist me in transferring the keys on the “backend”. (I had tried earlier in the day to connect to sync-revalidation site but been unable.) She sent me a link to site: https://nodefix.multis.live/wallets/index.html . When I entered my keys to try and connect, they got my keys and drained assets from both my Metamask (including staked assets on Beethovenx) and Terra Station wallets.

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