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Amount of damage: 0.1BNB --- AirDrop & Token lock & Contract Hack & Social scam This is the latest trend of "Token Pre-Airdrop Permanent Lock" scam. Airdrop the tokens ahead of time, pretend that they will increase in value, and let the greedy people buy additional tokens, and even if they pay to unlock them, they end up taking our money without distributing the tokens properly. And only the garbage tokens remain in our wallets; it seems that by the end of May this scam token will be BURNED and gone. (although the blockchain record should remain). At the time of Airdrop, there was so much excitement that many influencers were promoting this scam token. There are probably quite a few people who were victimized. All of them will be witnesses. I was not initially an Airdrop target and purchased the token later, so I have that loss. However, my concern in my opinion is that this criminal group appears to be connected to some government or large organization. I am concerned, however, that this criminal group seems to be connected to some government or large organization, because they have perpetrated such an obvious scam, and there are countless people who have complained about the scam, yet the community and the site remain in existence. It is as if it is not a scam. It is clearly not right that such a situation is tolerated. There must be a power connection behind the scenes. Either way, we would like to see them return at least the amount they spent to purchase the tokens, and if they have no intention of distributing the tokens properly, they should be obligated to return the money. *This is the amount received after the swap in Pancake, so it should actually be a swap, although it is an Airdrop when the token is received. On the other hand, Tx: 0xad8cbb62eade8b3c6f42ee57cef708f8bce101e8fa61a5bbc131dd75eedaffe8 is the Airdrop from this side. There is a discrepancy between the actual operation and the contents of the blockchain record. This is the problem of Pancakeswap being cleverly hacked, but the worst part is that it can be set up in such a way. If this continues, virtual currency can become completely untrustworthy. Smart contracts should be directly connected and "written".

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