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On May 4 2022, Mad Meerkat Finance (MMF), a DEX on Cronos, suffered a Domain Name Service (DNS) Hi-jacking. Approximately $2 million USD of blockchain assets were stolen [1]. The suspect used wallet (0xb3...9A6b) then bridge the funds from Cronos to Ethereum using the Multichain Bridge [2], and subsequently laundered the funds using Tornado Cash [3]. Analytics using blockchain data revealed 828 ETH withdrawn out of Tornado Cash to 4 suspected withdrawal addresses [4]. The funds were then transferred to 16 addresses associated with FixedFloat Exchange and 1 address to the Binance CEX [5]. Substantial progress has since been made on this case, but due to jurisdictional and legal constraints the case is unable to move forward without a victim based in the United States coming forward. Thus, the potential recovery in approximately ~$2 million worth of digital assets depends on at least one US based victim willing to report the crime.

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