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Damage amount: 487.86 vUSDC 0.1216 vVSP 0.0542 vETH 0.0612 ETH --- At that time I was having trouble withdrawing funds from the Vesper Finance site and needed assistance. The culprit has been DMing me under the guise of Vesper Finance support. To withdraw the deposited funds, they told us to first connect to the designated site at METAMASK. The site I checked looked like an official METAMASK site, and there was nothing suspicious about it, so I connected to that site and Apploved it. I then told them about the situation and waited, but nothing happened, so I had my doubts. I suddenly checked the METAMASK wallet and Vesper websites and found that almost all the funds I had deposited had been debited. They probably took the METAMASK information that connected to the site and transferred the funds directly from my METAMASK wallet. On Discord, all of the culprit's comments had been erased and his account appeared to have been abandoned. As a Crypt novice at the time, I was not familiar with DM scams or site connection scams, and I regret that I gave them the information and operated according to what they said. *In the image in evidence, the culprit's comments have been erased, so it appears as if I am speaking alone. *It was the METAMASK wallet (address) that I had been using as my main method of payment, but I don't use it unless I have to.

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