Report malicious crypto activity

Report malicious crypto activity

Report your case, maximise your chances of recovery while making web3 safer for all.

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Supported by leading web3 organizations

Supported by leading web3 organizations

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Why report on Chainabuse?

Get free support in a few clicks

Report your case, opt-in for free personalized advice and support, including immediate actions and next steps.

Improve recovery chances

Chainabuse helps Law Enforcement across multiple jurisdictions to link multiple reports of the same scam, improving funds recovery chances.

Make the space safer

Chainabuse partners with top organizations to enhance users’ safety, allows everyone to check addresses and URLs and helps Law Enforcement accelerate investigations.

Your privacy and safety, guaranteed.

Private reporting enabled to protect of sensitive cases information

Personal information is kept private and only shared with Law Enforcement under explicit consent

Spam detection system keeps Chainabuse safe for everyone

Top Scam Categories

Phishing Scam

Phishing is a tactic used by criminals to trick individuals into providing personal information that typically is associated with login information.

Other Blackmail Scam

A blackmail scam (other) occurs when the scammer threatens to start targeting the victim (them or their systems) if they do not transfer crypto funds.

Sextortion Scam

Sextortion occurs when individuals claim to hold sensitive or revealing information on a target that they will threaten to release unless they receive payment in crypto.


Ransomware occurs when an attacker locks up a computer system and demands payment.

Impersonation Scam

An impersonation scam occurs when the scammer pretends to be someone they are not - a celebrity, an established investor - or to be associated with an organization - such as an NGO or a project - when they are not. The goal is to have the victim invest with them or donate money to them.

Fake Returns Scam

A Fake return scam occurs when the scammer promises fake returns to convince their victim to invest. The scammer can lure their victim by: promising fake payments - payout scam or load up scam faking returns by paying profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors - Ponzi scheme fraudulently and artificially inflating the price of a cryptocurrency, such as during a pump and dump scam - using misleading information or other techniques.

NFT Airdrop Scam

An Airdrop Scam occurs when scammers send fake tokens in mass to users in hopes they will visit a website that is set up to steal user funds.

Hack - Other

It seems you have experienced a hack. During a hack, the scammer, a hacker, steals information from their victim to gain control over their wallet (private key or seed phrase), web-app account (log-in information), or phone to sign transactions on their behalf.


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