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Damage amount: 0.4491BTC 1.2395ETH (2021/7 $20,000~) --- https://bitcoloan.com/ I was tricked by a shoddy lending fake website scam and had my money stolen. The reason I found the site was because of advertisements on sites like The Ethereum Blockchain Explorer. I started out with a small amount of money and was trying to see if my assets would grow by depositing money. The format was to send funds from a specific exchange or wallet to an address on that site and then lend the funds to a specific person or company to increase the money. While funds were lent out, deposits were locked and could not be easily withdrawn. And the money was increasing steadily on the site's display. By lending in disguise. I bought virtual currency on an exchange and sent it to their (scam) site to use their services. There were also videos related to the site on Youtube and other sites, and although there were pros and cons, it appeared that users were making money. As a service, it was accessible via a smartphone app and had a support chat function, which seemed to be answered by a person rather than a computer. At the time, the scam I had no room in my heart at the time and wanted to earn as much money as quickly as possible, so I deposited a large amount of my personal funds. Then, about a month into using the site, it ended in tragedy. When I found out, the site, Telegram's support contacts, and everything else had disappeared. And my money was never returned. Telegram still has a group of people who were affected. https://t.me/bitcooloan I was a Crypt novice at that time. So I did not have enough knowledge to judge if the site was correct. However, there are many things that are not right if you think about it a little, and if you are really smart, you would not deposit your money on such a site. So I am still publishing it and feel very frustrated. It is a scam site and even had KYC. So I guess my personal information is exposed behind the scenes as a possible target of the scam. Also, the fact that ads for such a scam site can be posted on a regular basis suggests that the web companies' audits are not functioning properly. I have known this for a long time.

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