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Addresses used by swapnex.io (now defunct after rug pull). Addresses still active (TRC20 address also shared with scam Metafi Yielders). Potentially used by other scams from same group. On 13th May 2022 address 0x7e6da267e4503ffd227652514ad4733c1924ac18 received 750,000 USD tokens from the swapnex.io BEP20 address 0xeCceFaB82bb383afC90b94C8d378DE314e62AC5D used to make payments to investors. This was a few days before swapnex.io started restricting payments to "investors" to 100 USDT per day This receiving address currently has almost 1M USDT in holdings swapnex.io ERC20 address 0x8b8a4abc707f16da24b795e3e46ed22975a9d329, used to make payments out to investors, also paid out millions of USDT to a small number of beneficiaries right before the rug pull happened. One address (0xc36b86fbb2c6ae3baf7e987ebd22ab6bc2a19137) received 300,000 USDT on 11th May then 400,000 USDT on 14th May. This beneficiary address subsequently sent most of the funds to address 0x14f3dA49e76b4dfBCd93fa3273b54482aF4D8Ea8. This address has close to 2M USDT in assets (https://etherscan.io/address/0x14f3da49e76b4dfbcd93fa3273b54482af4d8ea8#tokentxns)

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