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What happened: I myself am a developer and often work with clients to get blockchain jobs done. This client reached out to me about creating an NFT collection for them. They already had the base characters and wanted the attributes plus the mint and everything made. Seemed like a normal job, but in hind-site there budget was suspiciously large although we never settled on final price and he seemed to want some integration work done as well so I didn’t think much of it. After talking back and forth (discord chat attached) we seemed like we were good. We hopped on a call and spoke about final details and he mentioned I could download both a beta version of the game and the artists files online and sent me the link. The game appeared legit and I saw they had a twitter and a discord that looked legit as well. I obviously didn’t look into them as much as I should. I downloaded the files and unzipped them. Clicking through them I tried running one that was the game to see what it was about, and this was obviously the biggest mistake. An hour or so later I checked my wallets and all sol was gone and most NFTs I panicked and tried to save whatever I could. From about 12 different wallets, all drained. About 1200 total SOL plus multiple NFTs. I then noticed my metamask wallet had the same thing happen to it. About 10 ETH in total was taken from that plus they floored multiple NFTs of mine and cashed that out before I had time to send out anything that was left. I know I made many mistakes in this process and also know I probably wont get that money back but any chance I have im willing to take cause that was almost everything I had. Thankfully I had some bitcoin and a couple NFTs on my ledger, but had all my SOL and eth on hot wallets because ive been day trading with it. I estimate that I lost around $70,000 worth of stuff (about 550 SOL of that was my projects treasury). I know one other project founder also lost everything from this same scam. Over 1000 sol. My compromised SOL wallets (from largest funds to smallest): 2eUQKVR5jqk9qHsx75fCAwwVosuM9Eprpryt3wNT8uxj 5HgM9TCvNbLddDqUVkHv7W1jBcAYt8VptgX5D6P8SNE3 Bp4vdRUUfygTj3RgQrFvDSQDka4aBzRyvP7do7Jus3Ee 63xA3EqYaR7UosdcZcBQgPyLBttrzaHwxvmoSiTSDQbC zo4PwdyqCuu86BGeVk5N71jAq516CD5vRYy63n6uSzg Aa586CoHSmRXKt4NSAN75YaNecms5UVMbhWx5HvL9pg3 6Y3DKHgWX5tU6S4smXt9mstrEzn4krEyibqbn16LgFe7 There was a few other wallets compromised but nothing of much value was in it or taken. My eth wallets compromised: 0x68f7036f41Bf4FC370E273Eb3dc7f95A979afc9A 0x7098C5846c570Fc30315e31d9F6545A71034ABFa I was able to save some NFTs but not much of value.

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