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My elderly 70 yo uncle was scammed out of his life savings (plus money that his elderly sister gave him) after being duped into thinking this exchange website was actually big.one ...totaling $2.3 million My uncle got a random text from a woman, who started chatting with him. She pretended to help him invest in crypto and make gains, and convinced him to use Coinbase and other exchanges to convert his funds to USDT. He sent this USDT to a wallet address thinking it was how you could get funds on the exchange. This "friend" also invested some of her own money. The hoax later escalated when they baited him with a special "earned interest rewards" account, but then later on told him (via customer service chat) that he could not withdraw any of his funds unless he met a $10 million quota, and that he had 30 days. The website is obviously fake if you are tech literate and familiar with crypto, but this wasn't the case with my uncle. I have a more detailed report, but for the purposes of this website will only provide a record of the transactions.

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