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Initially started as a Fx bot subscription service then the following transpired: Breach of Trust A. Rejected Withdrawals - refusal to honour withdrawals in March 2022 B. Forceful subscription - Forceful subscription to Master C bot without users consent C. Capital Locks - Locking 100% of user capital without their consent D. Denial of service - Unavailability of withdrawal services since March 2022 E. False Token - Forceful conversion of user funds in USDT to IUSD (Zero value Crypto token) thus locking value in their system indefinitely F. Change of service - Forceful subscription of users without their consent from IPCapital(Fx service) registered in Canada and regulated in Australia to IPCloud (Crypto Defi) registered in Cayman Islands and Seychelles. G. Forceful App subscription - Locking purported worthless funds as IUSD in IPCloud and forcing users to download app and considering opt in for access of their funds as consent and agreement with their terms. H. Illegal Terms of service - Charge of 2m$ I'm breach of terms that were forcefully signed in access of app

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